We are stewards of investors’ capital and also stewards of the environment.

ATC’s strategy seeks to deliver both:

  • meaningful positive impacts to society and the environment through aggregation and conservation of critical timberland and wetland resources in the Southeast, where mid-size tracts are threatened by secular economic growth and demographic trends; and
  • an attractive unlevered and diversified pool of assets whose investment returns exceed the relevant NCRIEF index and whose assets are a relevant inflation hedge if, and/or when, inflation returns.  

ATC’s investors: i) are able to “do good” for the environment, while ii) “doing well” for themselves by preserving and growing invested capital at attractive rates of return, while addressing the best practices in environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”).

We are leaving a legacy of land stewardship and conservation in protecting and enhancing natural resources.

In the last 10 years, through a series of individual partnerships and a discretionary pool (“Fund II”), ATC has acquired 22 tracts comprising more than 40,000 acres.

Where ATC had full management discretion:

  • nearly 20,000 acres have been or are planned for permanent protection through conservation easements and wetland mitigation;  and
  • most of the nearly 20,000 acres protected were at risk of degradation or damage due to development.
“We’re the first generation with tools to understand changes in the earth’s system caused by human activity, and the last with the opportunity to influence the course of many of the changes now rapidly underway.”
- Stanford University biologist Peter Vitousek

All photos taken from American Timberlands owned or managed properties

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