Investment Strategy

American Timberlands Company (“ATC”) is a leading Southeastern timberland investment and natural resource management firm that:

  • was founded in 2005;
  • operates from offices in Columbia, SC and Pawleys Island, SC;
  • acquires mid-sized (1,000 – 10,000 acre) privately-held timberland and wetland tracts in the Southeastern US;
  • combines traditional timberland acquisition and management with conservation, sustainability, mitigation and low-density, ecologically-sensitive development strategies to enhance environmental impacts and investment returns; and
  • has earned attractive unlevered returns for its investors over the past 10 years.

What makes ATC different?

  • ATC invests in Southeastern US land
    • where the investment’s downside is protected
      • the management of timber and other resources on the acquired properties, and
      • the underlying value of land within the US’s fastest growing region; and
    • where the investment’s upside is based upon:
      • the “best practices” management of the underlying land and timber resources, and
      • the revenues generated from related conservation easements, mitigation credit sales, and limited ecologically-sensitive development strategies.
  • ATC has achieved its attractive, unlevered past results through a dedicated focus on “Best Land”, “Best Managers”, and “Best Practices.”  Looking back:  
    • ATC has invested almost $100 million over the past ten years.
    • ATC’s annualized, unlevered returns have beaten the NCREIF Timberland index over the past 10 years.
  • ATC is an attractive investment for:
    • investors seeking excellent long-term, risk-adjusted returns;
    • investors seeking to avoid exposure to leverage and seeking to gain protection from inflation (if, and/or when, historical rates of inflation return); and
    • “impact capital” investors who are concerned with being both a) good stewards of their monies, and also b) good stewards of our environment and the land.   

Why we invest in timberland… Because timberland is threatened, vitally important to the natural environment, and capable of generating attractive returns.

The importance of timberland…

  • There are approximately 200 million acres of forestland in the US, which provide many benefits that sustain and enhance human lives including:
    • timber production and industrial forest products (building products, paper, packaging, etc.),
    • water and air filtration and detoxification,
    • wildlife habitat,
    • absorption of solar energy,
    • carbon sequestration and the generation of oxygen, and
    • recreational enjoyment.
    • These benefits are of essential importance to both the economy and the quality of life in the United States; however, historically the value of these benefits has not been reflected in their price.

Threats to forestland…

  • According to recent New York Times reports, scientists have determined that a failure to stop the degradation of our existing forests will negate any gains produced by all other carbon reduction strategies combined.
  • According to the Land Trust Alliance, America loses over 5,000 acres to development every day.
  • According to the EPA, 80% of freshwater lakes, rivers and streams are classified as threatened or imperiled due to pollution, nutrient runoff, or to rises in water temperature.

The opportunity in forestland…

  • ATC gives an investor the opportunity through its focus on “Best Land”, “Best Managers”, and “Best Practices” to own a diversified portfolio of lands where:
    • the underlying land and timber underpin investment performance;
    • the creation of revenue from sustainable practices boosts the returns;
    • the land, forests, rivers and streams are protected with the best environmental, social and corporate governance practices; and
    • the resulting investment returns exceed the applicable index by hundreds of basis points.

All photos taken from American Timberlands owned or managed properties

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