• Unlevered long-term risk-adjusted returns in excess of our benchmarks
• Investments that preserve investors’ capital during periods of economic distress
• Inflation protection, and
• Positive impacts to society and the environment

Historically, the firm has added value to its investments as a result of the deep experience and motivation of its principals, a focus on the best timberland markets, and a holistic value-adding approach that seeks to identify and enhance values from timberland investments in addition to biologic (stumpage) growth. Through time, the firm’s differentiated investment philosophy has become a mantra of being the Best Managers, focusing on the Best Lands, and executing Best Practices.



We focus our value-adding strategy in the Southeastern U.S.  Our target market is projected to experience 33% population growth over the next 25 years which is expected to drive higher demand for timber, timber-related products, land values, and conservation and mitigation products and services.

We focus on the highly fragmented mid-sized tract market which includes approximately $45 billion of potentially investable timberland opportunities.

We invest in land capable of high timber stumpage growth production and that also provides non-timber value-adding opportunities as a result of unique location, mineral, ecological, path-of-progress, conservation, mitigation, recreational, and/or other factors.


We are experienced investors and operators… 

ATC’s deep industry experience has enabled us to consistently outperform the market in the management and monetization of forest resources.  ATC has:

  • 55 years of combined forestry experience
  • Principals who are registered foresters in South Carolina and North Carolina
  • Collectively purchased, harvested, and/or sold over 50 million tons of forest products
  • Collectively invested over $800 million in private equity, private debt, and real estate limited partnerships and co-investments
  • Over 28 years of employment by forest product companies including International Paper, Georgia Pacific, Federal Paper Board, and Claybourn Walters Company
  • Collectively managed over three million acres of land
  • Over 55 years of land and forest specific machinery and equipment operating experience
  • Direct responsibility for custody, administration, accounting, investor reporting, tax reporting, and book-keeping for over $90 million of assets
  • Certified Public Accountant on Staff
  • Chartered Financial Analyst on Staff


Holistic Management

Traditional timberland returns are a function of biologic (stumpage) growth, prices for harvested forest products, and inflation and/or appreciation of land values.  ATC’s holistic approach enhances traditional timberland returns with other value-creating strategies including:

  • Origination of conservation easements,
  • Low density eco-development,
  • Sales of mitigation credits,
  • Recreational enhancements,
  • Localized low-impact mineral extraction and commercialization, and
  • Other strategies.

Virtually all ATC investments have multiple value-creating strategies at work simultaneously.  This holistic and multifaceted approach to every tract is what we believe produces above market returns.


Integrated and Aligned Management

ATC is vertically integrated and capable of managing and/or executing nearly all timberland investment management activities from making investment decisions to operating machinery and equipment.  We are distinguished by the integration of asset management, forestry, and investment management functions.  This integration aligns interests with our investors at every step of the management process and allows ATC to:

  • Identify and create value where others may not,
  • Apply consistent purchase price discipline,
  • Improve/guarantee the quality of work performed,
  • Lower overall costs as compared to reliance on third parties, and
  • Conduct management activities with a constant focus on impact to investment performance


Sustainability and Social Responsibility

ATC integrates sustainable forestry practices designed to conserve and enhance the long term health of forests.  In addition ATC incorporates forestry practices that enhance wetland resources, wildlife habitat, and forest productivity with the understanding that sustaining the earth’s forest resources and the services that they provide is about much more than growing trees. 

We also integrate important social and environmental practices into our investments including respecting labor and human rights, respecting land resources rights, and operating with the highest ethical and business standards.

All photos taken from American Timberlands owned or managed properties

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